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jar of butterflies

As you all know from my previous blog, I have started writing my book. It’s really hard, remembering details from my childhood as well as details from my relationship. I must admit I’ve already shed some tears and this is just the beginning of the book. Remembering things I worked so hard to erase or cover up. To bring them back to the forefront has been difficult at times. Some things I actually did completely block out of my mind and couldn’t really write in complete detail about. Even with some of those details that I cannot remember, it brought me to tears. To me, I felt like those details were not erased by me and should not have to be something that I should forget.

It has been challenging but also therapeutic at the same time. This book needs to be written, and I hope that you all can relate to it. I thank you all for being a part in this journey. Thank you for your support with this blog page. If it wasn’t for you this book may not be written. It was with this blog page that I had hoped to share and connect with others and make a difference in someone’s life. The connections I have made shown me that I really do need to put this book out there. You all inspire me more than you could ever know.

Continue to pursue your goals. Continue healing. Continue striving. You are on this earth for a reason. Do not allow your past to make you think or feel any different. You have a voice and deserve to be heard. Break the silence. Let’s raise awareness and let it be known that enough is enough!

butterfly is proof



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  1. Remembering back to when I wrote my first autobiography, my panic attacks and tears were more frequent than the writing itself. Although I only wrote about the six year period from when my ex first met me and asked me out, right through until I moved to another country after he’d travelled 2000km to find me (I was using a new name by then) and attacked me so brutally that it left me Deaf/blind, I can sympathise with your current roadblocks to writing the book. It took me quite some time to get it written and became a best seller after being independently published. Writing that book was possibly the most exhausting and emotionally crushing thing I have ever done, but I finally got to tell my story and now have a major publisher representing me.

    Take as much time as you need, allow yourself to feel those resurfacing emotions and free yourself (even just a little bit) from what you have been through. I would love to read it when it has reached the publishing stage, and avail myself to you of proof-reading, copy-editing or publishing stages. You will find my business card at the bottom of my blog site: – good luck with it all xx

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  2. The actual site:

    It does help to send you to the correct address, methinks. All the best xx

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  3. Dalindcy says:

    Beautiful. I don’t think I’m ready to write about myself in a biography form, so I can’t even imagine what you’re going through. You’re really strong for sticking it out though, and you can be proud of yourself.


  4. All the best with the book. It will be a difficult journey no doubt but one that you sound as though you’re ready to tackle. Please ensure, like anyone focussed on a difficult task, that you take a break from it and do something totally different, that is light-hearted or zany, to counterbalance the emotionally-draining, heavy load. I wish you well.
    I’m not sure if WordPress has fixed my profile, but I changed my email address and I’m showing up as anonymous. ~ Wendy (

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    1. Thank you so much Wendy! I appreciate your support and words of wisdom. Hope all is well with you! You are right about taking a break, I usually go walking at these trails that’s about 29 minutes from my house, my little therapy ☺️

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