Traumatic brain injury and domestic violence (retro)

This is definitely something that needs to be talked about more. A DEFINITE SHARE!

What...cookies again?

TBI  Retro SLHLE.jpg

Unless you’re a scientist, therapist, someone caring for a brain injured person or a victim who sustained a head injury, the brain is not something that most of us think about. The average citizen surely does not pause to think about just how fragile the most complex part of the human body, the brain, really is. The nearly three-pound organ, stored neatly inside of it’s bony shell, holds thousands of our secrets and most precious and darkest memories, controls our stop and go behavior buttons, acts as the starter kit for our movements, and plays the role of interpreter to our senses and dreams. Now that information is becoming readily available, more people are at least starting to talk about Traumatic Brain Injury, or TBI.

So, what exactly is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)? TBI is an acquired injury to the brain that’s caused by external physical force. It’s not…

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  1. cjstorm says:

    Thanks for sharing this with others!

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  2. I suffered severe head trauma in 2007 from his final assault (before I left Australia and changed my name, yet again), which led to my losing my hearing and eyesight. I have no clue how the brain works, but I am glad it kept me alive long enough for me to meet the man who would some day become my husband. He learned to sign just so he could communicate with me, and even after almost 7 years of marriage, we are still like newlyweds. I cannot stop feeling so much love and appreciation for a man who can love the “broken” me, even learning a whole new language so he can communicate with me.

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    1. Now that’s love!! 😍😍😍😍 I am so happy for you!!!

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      1. Yeah, he is truly wonderful, and thank you xx He asked me to write him into my next book (he is a fan of horror) and I did, but I could not bear to write him as one of the monsters in the Karmic Krystal books. Instead, I wrote him in as himself – kind, loving, wonderful. Not so imaginative, I guess, but I could not picture him as anything different. I save those monsters for the ones that found it fun to hurt me.

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    2. cjstorm says:

      I’m really sorry you suffered so much…

      I’m glad to hear you were able to move beyond that period of your life. Congratulations to you and your husband! 🙂

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