Why I Write

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Why I write.. For as long as I can remember, writing was my way of healing. What I wasn’t comfortable expressing openly, I expressed with a pen to paper. The things I knew I had to let out but wasn’t ready to share with others, are written all over notebooks, typed on computers, written as notes on a cellphone or tablet.

It was the summer of 2015, I had completely opened up about my experience with domestic violence to one of my amazing friends. After telling her she said that I had to write about it, I had told her that for a long time I always wanted to but I shied away from it. I still was worried about what people would say or think even after all these years had gone by. With her help, I posted my first blog here on WordPress. I shared with friends and family, and anxiously waited for their responses. I was shocked. Yes, I was shocked. Shocked by the out-pour of support, the reactions, the love and all the encouragement. I have been encouraged every single day since that first blog post. So I continue to write.

I write because I want other survivors to know that they do not have to fear what other people think. This is a part of your story, this is a part of you, and to be honest; if any one does not like it then they are not deserving of your presence in their lives. I have learned, that what I went through, was not just for me alone; but it is for others who have also gone through it, and for those who are now going through it. So that is Why I Write. 

I write for the victims, to let them know that there is a way out. To let them know that they are not alone. I write for them in hopes that they will reach deep down within to find their inner strength and courage to get out of their situation. I write to let them know that there are people willing to help them. That there are people willing to listen. I write for them so that they know that they do not have to feel ashamed or be embarrassed by what they have gone through.

I write because I want to bring awareness to something that is so much a part of me, yet so many have no idea what the reality of domestic violence really is. So many are unaware of what REALLY goes on in these situations.

I write to inspire. I write to encourage. I write to empower.

This is Why I Write.


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A Life Worth Living For; a life filled with purpose, a life filled with hope and a life filled with dreams.



17 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. I found my way to your blog as you have liked one of my posts, and I can’t thank you enough for doing so. I am loving your blog. It is almost like a reflection of my thoughts. I also write for the same reasons – it gives me a voice on topics I have kept to myself for so long. Wishing you all the best for 2016, Shauna 🙂

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      • Thank you so much. My blogging journey is new but I started it as a way to get my thoughts out. I had started to voice my thoughts on my facebook but my abuser and his girlfriend began to stalk and harass me, posting defamatory things, making up false profiles to ridicule and demean myself (and my children) but I needed an outlet. So I started a blog & have kept my identity hidden. I find comfort in reading other survivor blogs and stories as it helps me heal to know I am not alone xx

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        • I have a Facebook page that I made to coincide with this page. If you ever want to post and share on that page you are more than welcome too. Just search A Life Worth Living For. I am so sorry that this man and woman still try to attack you. But I know they will not break your silence.

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          • Thank you again Shauna. I have found your facebook page ! I have liked many pages relating to domestic violence but they even manage to find me on there, despite blocking them. I just block and ignore now

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          • I personally think they all should. Unfortunately we live in a world of social media, and not even an avo has stopped my abuser because they hide behind fake names. But keep up the wonderful work. I wish I had the courage to speak out publically without fear of these monsters twisting the facts!

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          • It took me a year after finally leaving my ex to speak out and let people know what had happened to me (although my illness is kept private). As soon as I did, the online stalking & harassment started. I am currently on facebook profile #3. It’s now been around 14-15 months since I ended the relationship and I am in a better place, although PTSD & depression keep me in check. Using my blog as my voice is going to help immensely, as is having the support of wonderful people like yourself who truly know what a survivor has been through and continues to go through 🙂

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          • I am always here if you need me, my email is on my contact me page as well if you ever need to talk, vent or whatever. I am here. This is why I started doing what I do. And writing is the BEST way to help with healing. (I think so anyways). 🙂

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